Testing Instrument

LMT GO-V 1920

  • Simple reconfiguration of GO-V 1920 for performance of absolute flux measurements
  • ± 180° vertical and ± 170° horizontal rotation of photometer head around the test object (4π orientation)
  • Light sources are not moved during measurement
  • Maximum diameter of light source: 1.2 m

  • Direct measurement of total and zonal luminous flux of lamps and luminaires
  • Calibration of standard lamps required for luminaire measurements with a goniophotometer or measurements to be conducted in an integrating sphere

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Flicker Measurement LMT OFM

  • LMT’s measurement system for visual aspects of temporal lighting artefacts is based on the outstanding LMT flash measurement technology
  • Very fast photometric signal acquisition (0,5 MHz over-sampling) delivers the data base for optical flicker analysis with a final bandwidth of 10 kHz and an upper frequency limit of 5 kHz
  • Firmware for online evaluation of Flicker Index and Percent Flicker
  • Optional standalone software application “SoLiT Flicker” Report with raw data of 10 fundamental modulation periods, Flicker Index (= deviation from average), Percent Flicker (= modulation depth), FFT determination of modulation frequency (resolution 0.1Hz), Contour plot of acceptability ratings acc.to Bullough et al (Lighting Res. Technol. 2012; 44:477–483)
  • Results acc. CIE TC1-83 after CIE publication : Stroboscopic Effect Visibility Measure (SVM), Example Ghosting Visibility Measure, Short-term flicker severity

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