Monitoring System

PROTEA atmoStation

  • Emissions, Ambient Air, Meteorological and Process Data
  • ProDAHS or AC-DC (MCERTS Certified) Reporting software
  • Ethernet / Serial / USB / Analog / Digital inputs
  • Wide range of protocols – Modbus/Profibus/OPC
  • Configurable reports ready for print
  • Real-time graphs and charts
  • Span gas delivery to CEMs

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  • Heated 4 stream sampling for gas analysers
  • Modular 19” design for multiple HSSMs to be used
  • Stack Emissions
  • Process Monitoring
  • Builds into Protea FTIR gas analysis systems

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PROTEA ProtIR 204m

  • Stack Emission Testing
  • Back-up to Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
  • Combustion gases under WID, LCPD
  • RealTOC measurement
  • Speciated VOC with benefit of high resolution

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  • CEMs
  • 2 stream measurement control. For example, abatement system Inlet and Outlet
  • Fire Testing procedure automation
  • Muti-stream system control – up to 12 measurement streams to 1 analyser via integration with Protea’s Heated Stream Selection Modules (HSSM)

Combines with atmosFIR FTIR gas analysers to form complete Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) system Easy to integrate – 19” rack mounted Built-in PLC control SSCM configurable on application

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PROTEA ProMass-t

  • Leak Testing
  • Ambient air measurements
  • Syngas Analysis – H2, N2, CO2, CO, CH4, H2S
  • BTEX quantification
  • Breath analysis

Detects almost any gas Advanced vacuum pumping and ion stabilisation or quick start-up time Application of Protea’s advanced chemometric routines to aid quantification Compatible with our sampling system control systems for turn-key solutions

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