Monitoring System

Casella Boundary Guardian

  • Real time dust (PM10, PM2.5 or TSP) and noise levels (LAeq, LAFmx)
  • IEC61672-1 Compliant Sound Level Meter
  • Heated inlet to reduce moisture interference
  • Vibration level (peak particle velocity)
  • Maintenance free wind speed and direction sensor (optional)
  • Noise percentile readings (e.g. L90)
  • Email and text alarms for exceeded noise, dust and vibration levels
  • Web hosted data with a secure private login
  • Noise or dust only versions available

  • Demolition phase monitoring
  • Construction sites
  • Roadside / traffic monitoring
  • Waste transfer stations
  • General compliance monitoring
  • Site monitoring strategies
  • Planning guidance monitoring
  • Section 61 compliance (UK)
  • PPG24 compliance (UK)

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Casella Apex Pro Pump

  • Very easy to Use
  • Light weight (460g)
  • Board flow range
  • Intrinsically safe models available
  • Long operation life with NiMH batteries
  • Infrared PC Interface

  • Occupational health and safety monitoring 
  • Walk through surveys
  • Site boundary monitoring & environmental measurement
  • Toxicology studies 
  • Testing air filtration effiency

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Casella Apex 2

  • Class beating performance
  • Bluetooth® and Airwave app
  • Wearer acceptance
  • Motion Sensing
  • Simple Operation
  • Innovative Features
  • Easy Reporting

With its slim ergonomic design, the pump is less obtrusive to the wearer allowing them to carry on with their job whilst being monitored. A sturdy clip with a lifetime guarantee means it’s secure and the detachable rubber boot guards against knocks. Ingress resistant to IP65 means that you can use it in the harshest environments and its smooth finish means it’s easy to decontaminate.

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Casella Microdust

  • Realtime Graphic Display
  • Wide range 
  • TSP, PM10, PM2.5 or Respirable measurements
  • In-field calibration for zero and span
  • Data logger with > 15,700 readings
  • Unit holds 4 separate user defined dust types
  • Environmental short-term enclosure

  • Occupational health and safety monitoring
  • Walk through surveys
  • Site boundary monitoring & environmental measurement
  • Toxicology studies
  • Testing air filtration effciency

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Casella Tuff Series

  • Robust and reliable design for harsh environments (Ip54)
  • Visible replaceable inlet filter
  • Diagnostic monitoring of pump and batteries service life
  • Intuitive user interface and menu
  • High intensity status/alarm LED's 
  • IECEx, ATEX listed intrinsically safe models available
  • Intrinsically safe models available for mining application (M1 Certified)
  • Advance programming capabilities (pro variants)
  • High or low flow capabilities *

  • Measuring dust, fume and vapour exposure
  • Abatement sampling of lead and asbestos
  • Ideal for use in Mining, Quarrying and pharmaceutical processes
  • Sampling chemicals in petro-chemical plant

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