Casella Measurement

Casella Measurement (Casella) puts a lot of store by its remarkable longevity, able as it is, to trace its beginnings back to 1799. However, as one might expect, today’s Casella has changed significantly through technological change and most recently acquisitions, itself having been acquired by Ideal Industries in 2006. Situated in Sycamore, Illinois, Ideal is approaching 100 years in the manufacture of a wide range of quality products for the electrical and test & measurement markets.

Casella’s own long-term strategy is to continue as a provider of high quality instruments for the global industrial and environmental markets through the Casella CEL and Casella Monitor brands. Casella’s products are exported world-wide through an extensive network of distributors and agents with offices in North America, China and most recently in India.

Casella continues to invest in best practice in areas such as product development, manufacturing and compliance, holding ISO 9001 &14001 certifications. In addition it holds many product approvals such as PTB (noise) in Germany, IECEx (Instrinsic Safety) for noise and dust measuring products, as well as local mining approvals in South Africa & Australia.

Casella strives for continual improvement and aims to get even closer to its distribution partners and customers in order to develop better solutions to the many measurement challenges in the workplace and the environment ultimately for the protection of people’s safety, health and wellbeing.